An extensive look at cars as you have never seen before

Buying a car for the first time

With a driver’s license in your pocket, buying your first car is a special moment. Generally, since our budget is limited, we can’t really bring ourselves to buy the vehicle of our dreams. Buying a used car is the best thing to do when you have just got your license.

A young driver’s first car is rarely a large German sedan. Too expensive and cumbersome, these vehicles are not really suitable. Instead, we’re going to go for a smaller, urban-type car, the price of which is within our budget, more details on

Determine your budget!

It is essential to determine your budget. But be aware that this budget must include regular maintenance costs and of course fuel.

Find the right car type!

The second unavoidable question is about the precise choice of the model, before falling for a convertible, an old mini bus or a sports car.

Compare car prices online!

You will then have to compare prices to find the vehicle best suited to your budget, tastes and potential use.

Is car rental more suited to your needs?

We are all different and that's why there are so many different car rental packages to choose from according to our needs!


Everybody is different!

To take this difference into account, we thought it would be useful to provide you with all the information on the various needs we most often encounter in terms of car rental. You may want to get some fresh air, the car rental for a weekend will then be a good idea for you. Among the other car rental needs we encounter are people who want a rental vehicle for their wedding.


Rental for professionals

For professionals, no weddings or weekends, at least, that’s not why they contact rental agencies for. We are aware that for you, professionals, car rental for business travel is an important thing that must be handled quickly and easily. That is why we have gathered here all the information that allows you to define your needs, so that you can adapt to them as quickly as possible…


Private car rental

Do you need a passenger car for a business trip? An SUV for a getaway? A van for your move? A van for an adventure? Thousands of vehicles are at your disposal at websites offering P2P car rental like Drivy for instance! Register in a few seconds to request the vehicle you want. Make an appointment with the owner to retrieve the keys and start driving in peace.

The car, a machine that is part of every second in our lives, is nevertheless a mysterious technological entity!

How does the car engine work?

The engine is one of the essential elements of an automobile, because it allows it to push the movement created by the ignition of the fuel to the wheels. While all users know what an engine looks like, not everyone knows how it works or the components that make it up. However, knowing how an engine works and its various parts can be crucial for candidates wishing to obtain their traffic regulations. Whether it is placed under the bodywork of a car, motorcycle or truck, an engine always works in the same way. However, as explained on, if the principle remains the same, the different models can count different numbers of times, which impacts the combustion method used to achieve the movement.

Car maintenance

You don't have to be a mechanic or passionate car enthusiast to maintain your vehicle and keep it in good working order all year round, to save money and avoid problems.


Oil levels


The condition of the tires


Level of all the liquids


Inspect the battery


Check the brakes


Inspect the lighting system


Replace air filter

Replace spark plugs

How to buy a luxury car without breaking the bank?

Thanks to the second-hand market, buying a luxury car is an achievable dream!

Would you like to show off by buying a luxury car? Unfortunately your budget is limited…There is no harm in wanting to have your cake and eat it too, at least, as far as there are a few brands that can satisfy your “primary instinct”!

In this website, we will avoid talking about car models that are a little too old, because those who are looking for luxury generally do not like to drive a vehicle that does not look very current.

For the “anti-German”, you may be unconvinced by the article… It must be said that when we talk about luxury, we are immediately limited to cars from Germany or almost…