While it is pleasant to travel independently when travelling abroad, driving is accompanied by special attention, given the differences in regulations from one country to another. 10 tips to follow....

Which permit abroad?

No special procedure is required if you are leaving from one European country to another country in the same area (Italy, Portugal...). However, you will need a local or international permit for travel outside Europe.

Left or right-hand drive

In a number of countries, left-hand drive is mandatory. It is therefore preferable to check this before travelling abroad.  This is the case in the United Kingdom and Australia, for example.

What safety rules?

In terms of speed limits, regulations vary from one country to another and even from one state to another. It is therefore more than recommended to check this information before departure. The same applies to alcohol consumption, with some countries banning it altogether (like Tunisia, Qatar and many others for instance) while others allow a maximum threshold, or even higher in some countries such as the United States.

Adapting to your vehicle

Beyond the current regulations that it is preferable to know, it is also necessary to get used to your vehicle. It is also possible to rent an automatic car for greater peace of mind; you can check https://www.drivy.co.uk/ and learn more about car hire.

Highways and slow lanes

To get used to driving in a country whose habits you are not yet familiar with, it seems wiser to stay on the slow track. This will allow you to drive at your own pace and in complete safety.

Get a GPS

Another trick, and not the least, equipping yourself with a GPS will also prevent you from getting lost in a country you don't know. What's more, the GPS will be able to inform you of all the must-see sites.

Dealing with other drivers

Of course, you will have to deal with other drivers, especially local drivers who may have, by ease, their habits.

Stay alert and pragmatic

For your first time driving abroad; no overconfidence is recommended. On the contrary, be pragmatic; do not plan too ambitious travel times. Avoid planning long trips; prefer short distances to short ones.

An advanced driving course

To help you more globally, it is also possible to take a driving course to better control the different local requirements.

Good to know

Depending on the country, certain rules of conduct differ. For example, it is forbidden to drive a dirty car in Russia. Find out in advance depending on the country you are visiting.