Breakdown cover is that auto-related annoyance we don't often like to discuss. Unlike car insurance and tax, being signed up to the AA, RAC, or similar is sensible but by no means as essential as other legal requirements. However, what many of us perhaps don't realize is that many car insurance companies offer some form of breakdown cover included in their policies - and, in regards to cutting back and saving, now is the perfect time to check whether breakdown cover is included in your policy, and to consider switching to a policy that is. In a recent article by The Guardian, motoring expert Patrick Collinson reports on the AA's price of breakdown cover and how it is affecting drivers. One customer, Peter Ludlow from South Wales, was surprised to find his renewal quote for 2009 was £186.50 including joint cover with his wife - a full £50.50 more expensive than last year. After conducting some research, Ludlow also found that the AA were offering a cheaper quote of £120.19 to those seeking cover for the first time. AA refused to match this price so Ludlow switched to Tesco and managed to get the same amount of cover for just £49. Not only does Ludlow's situation highlight that the consumer can save a significant amount of money if they choose to question their renewal quote instead of re-signing out of habit, but The Guardian also points out that there are cheaper deals out there - even starting as low as £21.95 a year. But there are also great deals to be had if you are considering a new car insurance policy too. So why is it a good idea to go 2 in 1? As the insurance sector continues through a period of heightened competition, many companies are offering incentives that are making their policies more enticing to motorists - ranging from cash back to comparison services. Additionally, insurance providers as diverse as Marks and Spencer Car Insurance and More Th>n, are also offering breakdown cover that is included in the cost of their car insurance. This trend is not new. Car insurance companies in countries such as Spain typically include breakdown cover as standard even if you only have third party cover. However, as with all such policies, it is advised to check the small print in case of losing your no claims bonus should you call breakdown to come and change your battery. Yet, the benefits of having two such important policies covered by one company in one place should be obvious to any motorist.