Car accidents take place because of carelessness, mistakes, or just misfortune. The fault can be yours or of the other party, yet whoever is to be blamed, both the parties suffer. As accidents create panic, may it be mild or severe; you should have some idea as to how to manage this critical situation. Many people begin to panic and make some terrible mistakes which augment the affects of an accident all the more. No matter if you are the cause of an accident or not, you need to know as to how to manage things after you encounter an accident so that you do not end up in more mess. You need to avoid the pitfalls so that you may suffer the consequences to the minimum level. Here we have assembled some very common mistakes that people usually do after they met an accident. 1. Once an accident takes place, nearly everyone speak to police for support. Upon the arrival of an officer, they are enquired if they have experienced any sort of damage. If they don't think that they are badly hurt then they might say that they are not hurt. At times you are not confident about your injury... This is because the majority of accident injuries are of soft tissue that one does not sense quickly. If you immediately declare that you are not hurt then you will not be able to get any insurance claim even when you find out your injury at later stage. So, what you must say to the police officer is that, 'I do not know if I am injured'. 2. Mostly people don't prefer medical aid at once an accident took place. They do not cut their damage, that is, they don't do anything once they run into an accident. It is important to go to a doctor because the insurance companies utilize computer software to validate claims. When you don't visit a doctor, your case for insurance claim turns weak. 3. 3. After encountering an accident, people also tend to trust the insurance adjuster too much. But you need to be alert as some insurance companies can miss lead you as well. 4. Sometimes accident victims lie in order to claim personal injury benefits. They overstate their injury. You must avoid this pitfall, as doctors do know how injured a person is in real. They may conduct MRI to ensure if the claim is true. Although it is very costly, but it gives precise results. You must remember that false claims can backfire, and you may fall into deeper trouble. 5. Few people also attempt to flee in such condition if they believe that it is their fault. They fear the results and adhere to escape not knowing that it will craft the situation even worse. You must keep away from all such panic responses and act wisely. Make certain that you go to a doctor even though you believe that you are not injured. Make feasible insurance claims related to your fitness or for the safety of your car; however, don't attempt to lie in any case just to have get more as it can create situation worse.