The question has been the subject of endless debates. Since cars are essentially men's toys, many men would find it hard to accept, never mind acknowledge. How could any self-respecting chauvinist admit that his girlfriend is a better driver? Firstly, let us examine the term "better driver". Does it relate to how well you can handle the car under different circumstances? Or does it relate to what you are able to extract from the car in terms of performance? Some people may feel it is about being able to handle the car at its physical limits, keeping it under control while all the danger signs are present. Many people would agree that the better driver would be the one capable of adapting to different possible situations, avoiding possible accidents, or damage to the car itself. On the rally track that certainly seems to be the case. Unfortunately, life is not a race, and not everybody is an experienced, highly capable driver. Auto insurance companies have developed a simple definition: The better driver is the person more likely to arrive at the predetermined destination without being involved in an accident. Accidents cause money, and auto insurance is all about managing risk. The better driver is the one posing the lesser risk. If seen from this viewpoint, women are statistically better drivers. We cannot use the race track as a testing ground, since most of mankind will never drive on it. We have to measure it by everyday standards. On the average, men are more capable of handling extreme situations, but modern technology has made it a lot easier for an inexperienced driver to avoid collisions. The average male is (technically) not a worse driver, but our driving habits leave a lot to be desired. The desire to push the limits is showing in the statistics. It's not about how well we CAN drive, but about how well we DO drive. So in terms of getting from point (a) to point (b) safely, we lose.