Officially known as the Song-Beverly Act, the California Lemon Law will absolutely cover all vehicles that qualify such as; automobiles, trucks, SUVs, recreational vehicles and motorcycles. The California Lemon Law covers any and all vehicles, except those used for business, that haven't been able to be repaired after a 'reasonable' number of attempts. California legislators as well as the governor passed this law so that consumers of any types of vehicles would be able to ask for money back if they find themselves with a 'lemon.' Regarding this law, you might even have returned to you your down-payment, monthly payments, rental and towing and any possible other fees associated with purchasing a lemon. In the state of California, this law does absolutely allow the vehicle manufacturer to get some of a deduction for a bit of the use of the vehicle. The Lemon Law in California will also cover you so you can get a refund of most or all your monies spent toward a vehicle if it's found that it truly is a lemon. Living in California and purchasing a vehicle there, that lemon law will allow for a new replacement vehicle and the owner won't have to make any of a higher payment, but the same exact one. The lemon law in California also permits that when a vehicle replacement is made that you will receive the same vehicle that you are presently paying for whether you own the vehicle or lease it. The California Lemon Law ensures that if it's found that you in fact do own a lemon, then the manufacturer will replace the lemon vehicle with a brand new one in the current model and year. The California lemon law, when used in conjunction with qualified California Lemon Law attorneys, will help you qualify so that you can make sure and get rid of your lemon vehicle. Anyone can get payment regarding the California Lemon Law just making sure that your vehicle was purchased in California and it qualifies. Qualifying under this lemon law is fairly easy but holds fast to exact guidelines. When you are dealing with this lemon law, the amount of time it takes to settle a case depends on many factors. There are many different answers when people ask how long it takes to settle a lemon law case in California and can vary from 7 days to nearly 45. Many times, lemon law cases in California end up in a lawsuit if the manufacturer isn't convinced that you have a lemon so you must be sure you have a qualified California Lemon Law Attorney. When you are checking into this lemon law to see if your vehicle in fact does qualify, you have to be extremely diligent in following all of the rules to get the absolute best outcome. The California Lemon Law only is effective for the consumer if it is followed and adhered exactly from one point to the next right until its termination or you have definitely come face to face with the possibility of being dropped part way through. Within the California Lemon Law, there are many conditions that you have to abide by. When you are dealing with the California Lemon Law, you want to be so very sure you get yourself the best attorney that specializes in the lemon law. This lemon law has caused many attorneys to just cover the lemon law cases because there are so many stipulations and rules for the consumer to follow. If you believe that you have a lemon vehicle, let this California Lemon Law and the attorney specialists work for you to get your lemon vehicle replaced. This California consumer law has become one of the most popular laws and has made the legislators who voted for and passed this law very popular as well. This lemon law will definitely protect the vehicle consumer from the very powerful automobile manufacturers. The California Lemon Law happens to be one of the only laws of its kind that is for all the people of California, all the time.