Before hitting the road, every new driver must be aware of the importance of acquiring car insurance. It is not only a responsibility, but it is also unlawful to drive without car insurance. Most new car drivers are faced with expensive insurance premiums. When searching for car insurance, new drivers should take the time to find out how they can acquire the best insurance at the best price. There are a number of reasons why car insurance is expensive for new drivers. Insurers consider new drivers more risky because they are less experienced. Less experience can result in car accidents, traffic violations, and possibly a speeding ticket. Research has shown that young males are more reckless drivers than young females. Statistics tend to affect premium costs The following is a list of helpful tips to lower new driver car insurance premiums: . If you are unable to acquire a low insurance premium, one way to lower your future premiums is to maintain a clean driving record. You can do this by avoiding traffic violations and obeying traffic laws. Make sure you do not get a speeding ticket. Once you have proven that you are a safe driver, you will be able to lower your premium. Most auto insurance companies will lower the premium of a new driver after three years of driving experience without any traffic incidents. Many parents add their children to their policy. If you are going to add a new driver to your policy, make sure the driver understands what car insurance involves. Show a new driver how only one traffic violation can increase insurance premiums. You can require that the new driver pays the premium. This will give the driver incentive to obey traffic laws. The type of car you own will affect your premiums. For instance, an expensive sports car will have a high premium. If possible, a new driver should opt for a modest car Insurance companies will include mileage as a factor in setting premiums. Keeping mileage low will keep your premiums low. For teenagers, parents can set time limits regarding how long they can use the car. Most insurance companies will lower premiums for drivers who have completed a driver training program. Compare Insurance Rates: Never purchase the first insurance quote. Check with a few insurance companies to see if they offer better rates Get online car insurance quotes. Use the internet to quickly obtain several different insurance rate quotes. You will get a general idea about the costs of insurance before meeting with an insurance agent. Purchase your states minimum liability insurance requirements If you used a lender to purchase a car, they may require more than the states minimum requirements. Ask car insurance companies if they provide special discounts for new drivers. Maintain good grades. If you are in school, insurance companies will offer discounts for students who can maintain an A. Acquiring security equipment will help lower premiums. Having a car alarm, good locks, and an approved immobilizer, are good choices. Car insurance for new drivers does not have hurt the pocketbook. Careful research and being aware of the many ways you can lower your premiums will help reduce new driver insurance costs.