It is a fact that auto insurance rating vary among states, among companies, and even among policyholders. You cannot expect that your friend's car insurance rates will exactly be the same with your premiums. It doesn't work that way since every driver is rated individually using different factors. car insurance company rate how much risk a person will likely pose for the company. And basing on that rating, carriers will decide on whether they will take you as under their care and how much car insurance premiums you will be charged So what are the reasons why quotes on car insurance differ? Read on to know more about these reasons: One of the major reasons why car insurance rates differ greatly is because a person's driving record may differ significantly if compared with another person. If you are the kind of driver who has been driving with outmost care for the longest time then most probably you have maintained your driving records free of any accidents or violations. Also, if you've always been cautious about not driving without vehicle insurance, then I guess you don't have to worry about paying for expensive car insurance premiums. Your driving records speak for itself, you pose low risk for car insurance companies, thus you will have no difficulty getting affordable car insurance rates. Meanwhile, the vehicle you are operating also dictates what your quotes on car insurance may be. If you are driving an expensive car then you might as well prepare yourself to be charged with costlier vehicle insurance premiums. Also, if you are using that car more often, then the higher your premiums may be. This is because your driving miles also affect your auto insurance rates. Those are the factors that are within your control but how about other factors that are uncontrolled like your age? In general, auto insurance providers charged more if you are less than 25 years old. Those are the reason's why car insurance rates vary. Just be watchful with those things so you can be assured of getting lower vehicle insurance rates.