Exterior : The exterior of the BMW 3 Series Sedan

One can learn a great deal about the BMW 3 Series simply by looking at it. Follow the line of the silhouette, and its remarkable power becomes tangibly evident. Rest your eyes on the individual details, and the elegance of each one reveals itself. Even when it is motionless, the short overhangs and characteristic wedge shape express sporting dynamics. But who wants to experience the BMW 3 Series Sedan only when it's standing still?

Interior : The interior of the BMW 3 Series Sedan

You can recognize a BMW with eyes closed. It is enough to run your hand over its surfaces, to feel its unmistakable quality. The precise workmanship of the upholstery, the firm grip of the steering wheel, the sculpted instrument controls. Open your eyes, and the BMW 3 Series Sedan confirms your first impressions. Taking your seat is so easy. Leaving it, however, never is.

All dimensions in the technical drawings are in millimeters:


Cylinder / Valves: 4 / 4
Capacity in ccm: 1995
Stroke / bore in mm 90 / 84
Max output in kW at 1 / min 115 / 6400
Max torque in Nm at 1 / min 200 / 3600


Tyre dimension front: 225 / 50 R16
Tyre dimension rear: 225 / 50 R16
Wheel dimension front: 156 7 J x 16 light-alloy
Wheel dimension rear: 156 7 J x 16 light-alloy

Weight in Kgs.

Curb weight: 1390
Maximum permissible weight: 1910
Permitted load: 520
Permitted axle load front / rear: 895 / 1050
Drag (cw): 0.28
Top speed (km / h): 218
Acceleration 0 - 100 km / h (in s): 9.8
Acceleration 0 - 1000 m (in s): 30.7
Fuel Consumption
Urban (1 / 100 km): 11.4
Extra-urban (1 / 100 km): 6.0
Composite (1 / 100 km): 8.0
Take capacity in I (Approx.): 63
The technical data, equipment and possible vehicle configurations illustrated may, in part, differ. According to the specific requirements of the Indian market alterations may occur regarding technical data, standard and optional equipment as described in text and illustrations. For precise information, please contact your local BMW partner.

Light-footed and agile

Straight four-cylinder petrol engine: Making every gram count: the four-cylinder power unit for the BMW 3 Series Sedan is a true athlete. Its remarkable responsiveness, deep power reserves and strict fuel efficiency positions the BMW 320i where it's most comfortable: ahead of the pack. Technical innovations such as double-Vanos and Valvetronic ensure that it stays there. Because every athlete loves to win.

Sophisticated and efficient

Straight four-cylinder diesel engine

New-generation common-rail technology injects precisely-measured doses of fuel into the combustion chamber under a pressure of 1,600 bar, extracting maximum efficiency and enabling even smoother running. The four-cylinder diesel power unit needs less than 6 litres of fuel per 100 km, and reaches its maximum engine speed at just 2,000 rpm.

Low weight, high performance

Aluminium front axle

The aluminium double-joint spring strut front axle delivers weight savings of up to 30% compared to conventional steel construction. And a lighter front axle ensures that the BMW 3 Series handles with breathtaking precision and responsiveness.

The power on the road

Five-arm rear axle

The BMW 3 Series Sedan sets new standards for excelling handling, stability and dynamics. Key to this outstanding agility is the new five-arm rear axle. Its lightweight, high-strength design ensures the rear suspension behaves with superior elasto-kinematics and provides precise wheel guidance.

Traction is everything

Dynamic Stability Control

Sports driving demands unwavering concentration. Reactions are measured in milliseconds. DSC constantly monitors the forces acting on the 3 Series Sedan's chassis and checks that they are within the maximum limits. If the vehicle's behaviour indicates a danger of skidding, the system quickly and subtly intervenes by braking individual wheels as needed. The next-generation DSC now offers not only ABS and Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) but new extended functions.

An art in itself

Suspension and dampers

A tarmac highway, a dirt track, a cobbled lane - whatever you're driving on, the 3 Series Sedan's suspension and damper system is ready for the challenge. Precise design of the suspension architecture enables the 3 Series to excel at dynamic sports driving, just as much as comfortable cruising. It is a science - or an art - that is best appreciated from behind the wheel.

Driving pleasure on command

The Start/Stop button

Reach to the central console and touch the Start/Stop button with the tip of your finger. Instantly an electronic signal wakes the engine to life. A tiny vibration, almost indiscernible, makes itself felt on your fingertip, and moves into your entire body. It tells you: under the bonnet, the power unit of the BMW 3 Series is ready to take you anywhere.


Runflat tyres

Say goodbye to roadside tyre changes. Thanks to special side-wall reinforcement, the BMW 3 Series Sedan's standard runflat tyres are capable of being driven a further 250 km even after a puncture. The benefits make themselves felt far beyond that. The need for a spare tyre is eliminated, reducing weight and freeing boot space on every single journey. In addition, the standard Tyre Pressure Indicator (TPI) warns the driver whenever there is a fall in tyre pressure.

Working in harmony

Active safety

A precisely-designed network of suspension, engine management, brakes and tyres, plus an array of electronic sensors - all with one single objective: to keep the BMW 3 Series Sedan safely on track, even in the most demanding situations. Because giving the driver maximum control means ensuring maximum safety.

Protected on all sides

Passive safety

Its intelligent combination of state-of-the-art safety elements makes the BMW 3 Series one of the safest vehicles on the road. The six standard airbags are deployed as needed. The restraint system, featuring seatbelt tensioners and force limiters, delivers split-second protection for the Sedan's occupants, should a collision be unavoidable.

Inner qualities

The body shell

The doors of the BMW 3 Series Sedan close with an understated but reassuring sound. The high-strength crossbars that are hidden inside the doors are less noticeable, but even more reassuring. Throughout the 3 Series' body, in fact, strategically-placed reinforcements and crumple zones provide a maximum of occupant protection in an impact situation.

Exterior Equipment

Park Distance Control

Park Distance Control (PDC) is a standard feature of the 3 Series. PDC makes parking effortless, thanks to ultrasound sensors in the front and rear of the vehicle. PDC warns the driver about the proximity of obstacles with a clear audio signal. Parking becomes easier, more relaxing and safer.

Vehicle key

Individual vehicle data, such as vehicle identification number, mileage and vehicle servicing status, are saved on a chip integrated in the vehicle key. This information enables your BMW service partner to quickly access accurate information about your 3 Series Sedan, making maintenance faster and more efficient.