The use of cell phones may be a great boon for all of us but it can also prove to be fatal. Studies reveal that cell phones are becoming one of the leading causes of car accident. The use of cell phone while driving affects the driver’s performance and may put potential risks. In Florida, an alarming number of car accidents have been reported which are related to cell phone usage. Although, drivers may think using cell phones may be ok, but it can result in great damage to you and other’s life. Talking on the phone while driving can distract the driver’s attention and texting can put any condition out of control as you are looking away from the road while driving. Florida hasn’t put a total ban on handheld phones for drivers while driving. The Florida law simply states that the drivers must keep their vehicles under control. But keeping a track on the cell phone road accident statistics, it might not be far when the law realizes the danger of using cell phones.

What is the solution?

Merely depending on the law will not solve the problem. Though it might decrease a bit but the answer lies in the driver’s action only. It’s only common sense that drivers shouldn't talk or text and drive. If they could stop using their cell phones while driving, the accidents won’t occur only. What’s the point if you realize your folly only when you are involved in an accident putting your life and other’s in danger. It would be very unfortunate but it will be too late. Join a Florida defensive driving class to learn the techniques of defensive driving. The defensive driving class Florida will not only teach you the skill of driving defensive but aware drivers about the danger of cell phone usage. If you really have to answer the phone, then try to pull over on the side of the road and answer. That’s the safest way of using cell phone when you are on the drive. The most possible answer is switch off your phone and let others know you are driving. Or you can put your cell phone on a silent mode. Driving is about full concentration and you must fully focus on the road. Even the ringing sound might distract you. Cell phones can divert your attention from the road and from the traffic. For your safety and for others sharing the road, just hand up and drive.