The economy is dragging down many people all over the world, and this is definitely the case in the state of Virginia. With money becoming so tight, there are a lot of residents who are no longer paying for auto insurance. But guess what? They are still driving on a regular basis. This is a bad idea on a number of different levels. Not only is driving without auto insurance illegal in Virginia, as well as the other 49 states, but it can also put you in a bad financial situation should you be involved in an accident. If you need Virginia auto insurance you should take the time to meet with a professional. There are many insurance agents all over the state who can help you get the right coverage for somebody in your shoes. And remember, just because you think that all auto insurance is expensive it does not mean that this is necessarily the truth. There are many types of Virginia car insurance policies that you can probably afford. Upon meeting with a professional you can discuss what is available, and why it is important to have all the right types of coverage. If you live in Virginia and are driving without car insurance you are asking to get in trouble with the law. Instead of living in fear and with a high level of stress, why not get in touch with an agent who sells auto insurance coverage? This is the easiest way to end up with a policy that protects you, your car, and your money.