Getting a good deal on a used vehicle is now easier than ever for most people. Try looking for your next car at a police auto auction. Each year, at various locations all across the country, police stations hold an auction. The purpose of this sale is to get rid of the inventory that has accumulated in their storage compounds. Every year, police departments find themselves with an excess amount of seized or unclaimed goods. This usually includes cars, vans, trucks and even boats. Most of these vehicles are sold to the highest bidder at auction. Automobiles aren't the only items available at bargain prices at police auctions. You can also find smaller items such as jewelry, artwork, furniture, and office equipment. The police are authorized to seize any property associated with criminal activity. This includes anything that has been used in the process of illegal activity or has been gained through the use of ill-gotten funds. Most of the time, police officials do exactly that. In fact, there is often quite a surplus of items, so they will sell a lot of confiscated material at public auction. By selling off these goods they also help to fund their department at the same time. Nevertheless, vehicles are the hottest seller at most police auctions. Just take a look at your local car dealer and you'll know why. New, and even used, vehicles are downright expensive when you buy them off the lot. That's why so many people are looking for alternative ways to get a decent car at a good price. More and more they are looking to a police auction to buy their next vehicle. The process of buying a car at a police auction has recently been made even simpler. Some police auctions will allow online bids. You can place your bid prior to the start of the auction, or you can bid live from anywhere in the country in the comfort of your home. So you don't even have to be present to win the auction. It can be a lot of work to track down just where and when some of these events are scheduled for. If you don't know where to look, or don't have the time, there are online services that can find a police and public auto auction for you. There's typically a minimal fee involved that you pay annually. By registering with this type of service, you're much more likely to find a good deal at a police auction. It won't take nearly as much of your time to find your next automobile at a bargain price.