Short-term car insurance will be expensive due to high risks, especially in places such as South Africa. Knowing how to lessen the fees will help lead you down the correct path. First, why are the costs so high? Higher short-term insurance premiums are caused by the risks associated with car insurance, and South African roads have become considerably more treacherous lately. South Africa has one of the world's highest rates of traffic accidents and fatalities. Driving privileges have been extended to many people who don't know how to drive properly. You will find that as more upgrades are offered on cars the price to insure those cars will also go up. And looking at history you will also find that younger drivers, 18-30, will pay the most for their insurance. In the homeowners and household insurance market, the main influencing factor is fraud. Some estimate are that six to 10 percent of short term insurance claims are fraudulent. That amounts to more than R2 billion each year.Insurers must also consider car theft and hijackings as they calculate their premiums. The latest statistics show a decline in thefts, but the rate of hijackings continues to rise. It is possible to ensure that these issues do not impact your insurance situation. You may not have any control over other people making fraudulent claims, but there are steps you can take to ensure that they do not affect your insurance premiums. For example, you can offer to take a polygraph test whenever you submit a claim. As a reward for honesty, some insurers will give you significant savings on your premium. For car insurance, start by increasing you excess as this can lower your premium. Take this into consideration as you gather quotes. Also, be sure you can afford to pay the excess amount you choose in the event of a claim. Keep a clean driving record. The fewer claims you have, the less risk you represent. If you already have a sketchy driving history, research driving courses offered by automobile manufacturers and the Automobile Association. This can help offset a negative history. This is also an option for good drivers. Most insurers will consider reducing your premiums if you attend and pass one of these recognized courses. Adding security devices can help as well. Anti-hijack devices and global tracking systems are good investments for this purpose. And, if you live in a high-crime area, consider moving. This can reduce both your car and homeowners insurance rates. You should look around for the best rates, but don't just go for the cheapest. Make sure the policy you choose is adequate as well as affordable.