In the UK there are many vintage restoration car clubs with web pages online. Just about every make and model of classic car is represented. With an online commerce market open for used car parts on the internet there is no reason why anyone who wants to own and repair one of these beauties shouldn't be able to do so. Many of the sites on the web for old car enthusiasts have sections where members can list car parts for free. The car salvage business is a good one, even if you cannot restore the car yourself, there will be someone out there interested in your parts. Being part of this kind of community brings its own share of joy and travail, but when you finally get your beauty restored and are driving it around town, no one will miss the enthusiasm this generates! If you are not so much a do-it-yourself kind of person, there are also clubs and organizations, and businesses that will take on your project for you. Many of these organizations also have websites, with a lot of information. You can learn about your car, and how to properly repair it, also how to shop for cheap or used car parts, and if need be, what substitute parts might work in the event a part is not available. There is a difference between getting some of these old vehicles totally road ready and the perfect 100% restoration; a purist would perhaps not want a part that isn't for their car, but the fact is that since the 1950s auto manufacturers have regularly substituted parts on the assembly line, even if no one was aware of it. When you are finished with your restoration, many online sites, especially the clubs, offer the ability to sell the cars you restore. There are other auction portals available as well, such as eBay, where you can sell your work. For many, a lot of the fun of restoration is in the act itself, with one car finished, another project can take top priority. Detailing out your car for the nearest show is also something that brings a lot of satisfaction -- one of these vintage rides sparkling clean inside and out brings a lot of pride to both owner and club.