Looking for a new car can be really exciting, but it can also be really frustrating if you can't find something that you like or aren't sure about the reliability of a particular vehicle. One car you'll want to consider, though, is the Ford Focus RS. This model has so much to offer that it's hard to ignore, even if it wasn't previously the kind of car you thought you'd be looking at. Keep an open mind when it comes to your car choice, so that you can get something that you really want and really like, rather than being stuck with something you weren't crazy about just because you didn't think you could find what you were really after. The Focus RS is the fastest European production car, and delivers 300PS. It has a six-speed transmission, a top speed of more than one hundred and sixty miles per hour, and a zero to sixty acceleration time of less than six seconds. Even though it might sound like some kind of high performance sports car, it's really designed to be very practical for something you'd drive every day, as well. The handling and performance are great, but they are coupled with comfort and a stylish look. If it makes you want to immediately go out and find a Ford dealer, Dorset can help you with your selection. You can look for the new Ford Focus RS as well as other Ford models if you don't think the Focus RS is for you. It's a car that's hard to beat, though, since there are not many cars that you can find in this type of category. Most of the cars that you locate and that have such a sporty feel to them aren't practical. Most practical cars aren't sporty. Getting both is a huge benefit to a lot of people who really like that sporty look and fast engine but who also know that they have to find something that they can put their family in or get to work and back. Since they can't afford to buy two separate cars, they can use the Focus RS to combine the best of both worlds into one. It's a great choice for a large number of people and it's definitely going to stay popular for a long time. It's in the spotlight at the moment, but there's no evidence of it moving out of that spotlight any time soon. As a sporty and affordable and practical choice, finding a better car would be difficult.