All drivers get involved in some type of car accident at least once. Therefore It is very necessary to be acquainted with the basics of providing your information to the other driver so that they know how to later get in touch with you. Although, the accident is small, you must not simply drive away, else it might be called a ?hit and run?. It might be possible that you knock an empty car but even then it is essential to exchange your information with the owner or driver of the car so that they ay contact you. In a serious accident, your first objective should be to ask someone to call at 911. The foremost step, which almost everyone forgets in such a case, is to not confess fault. Although the accident was caused due to your mistake, you must not admit it immediately in front of the other person. This is so because even if afterwards it is found that the fault was not yours, still you may be forced to pay the bills as you had earlier admitted it. Do not loose your calm and manage the condition in an organized way so that there is not much fuss created. Immediately exchange your insurance information with the car?s driver. Make certain that you provide all details like phone numbers, names, and addresses so that both parties can contact each other. This is the reason why it is essential to always carry your insurance proof in the car. In case you carry them with you, then you might have to give it to the other party afterwards. If both parties involved in accident are ready to wait then you can make a call to your insurance company and ask your claims representative to come and evaluate the damage caused. At times, this may not be possible, but you should always call your claims representative as soon as you can. The representative will take some pictures of the accident spot and damages while you are around; get your claims form filled, speak to the other people involved in the crash, and may be also talk to those who saw the accident. Take pictures of the damage and surrounding area before any of the cars are moved. With so many people having picture phones now-a-days, this is fairly easy. Take pictures of all the damage to all of the cars, and any other pictures that might help describe the scene. After you have made a call to your claims representative, clicked pictures, and taken each other?s contact information, you may usually leave the spot. In most cases, a police officer arrives by this time to assist in clearing up the mess and getting your vehicles removed from spot by tow trucks. Sometimes when the crash is not so serious, tow trucks may not be required at all. Also it may take weeks or months to get your insurance money, so you may have to bear the initial repair charges yourself. The check you get is settled on by the lowest quote for repair provided to the insurer. You may get the blue book price for your car, if your vehicle is totaled up. The blue book value is actually a set of prices that is determined by taking into account several factors like the age, model, and condition of the car. Any modifications made by you in the car will not be reimbursed for by the insurance companies.