A huge number of people die annually in car accidents. Generally, these accidents take place due to the fault of one driver overtaking the other vehicle, or driving the car over the speed limit. The supplementary factors like horrible state of the road, mountainous regions, slippery road, or snow falls etc also contribute a large deal in causing accidents. Here are a few tips which everyone should follow in order to prevent accidents.

Avoid the "fast lane"

Always use right or centre lane as it offers you alternative of escape routes when you have to get out of a lane rapidly. History is plain that nearly all highway accidents take place in left lane. Also if you are in the" fast lane" you will be more conspicuous to highway patrol.

Keep your eyes scanning the area ahead

It is always smart to be aware of the area in front of the car right ahead of you. This way it will be possible to predict any issues, and would have enough time to respond in case you have to apply brakes all of a sudden. This may help you in preventing a car accident by hitting the car in front of you

Beware of blind spots

Side mirrors and rearview mirrors should be adjusted appropriately to spot the traffic at the back, but you should not entirely rely on them. It is wise to look directly into the lanes alongside you. Take into consideration the blind spots for other drivers around.

Drive with your hands in the 9 and 3 o'clock position

It has been seen that a lot of people drive with one hand at 12 o' clock position, or their hands hold the bottom of the steering wheel. This is a sluggish technique of driving and not advised at all. The 9 and 3 o'clock position offers you the most control.

Get racecar driver control of the wheel

You will have better control over your car if you move your seat close to steering wheel. In this position, your back rests against the seat and your arms are outstretched. This is healthy for your arms as they will not get tired, and you have good amount of time for any evasive maneuver.

Judge a driver by his/her car's condition

Drive away from the person whose car's body is broken or neglected. This is the sign of careless driver. Also be alert of the person's who are not staying in their lane; they are most likely under the influence or cell phone-preoccupied drivers.

The nighttime is not the right time

Some people prefer to drive at night to avoid traffic, but many times it is more dangerous than driving at the day time. Increase fatigue and blurry vision at night requires more careful driving. You may also encounter joyriding teens or drunken people driving at this time. Also, you have to be more careful at midnight when people are coming from parties or sports arenas. Driving is not a slow activity; it's an exercise of self-control and self-protection. All above mentioned habits are not reliable ways which could stop a car accident, but still you can accept them in order to reduce any unexpected circumstances and also to keep away from any errors leading to an accident because of your fault.