Drivers, who are required by court to attend traffic school or those who wish to improve their defensive driving skills must know how to sign up for an interactive traffic school. Interactive traffic school courses are more entertaining and engaging than conventional classroom courses as they use funny, high quality, animated cartoons and cartoon games as teaching aids. As the mode of teaching involves direct participation by students, it's easier for applicants to understand and remember traffic rules quickly and complete the course at ease.


Drivers who receive traffic tickets for violations are often required by their state court to attend traffic school. The violation information notice from the court indicates whether they are eligible to attend traffic school or not. It also determines the administration fee to be paid and provides a list of approved traffic schools. Before enrolling for an interactive traffic school, drivers should pay this amount to the court and also check whether the traffic school is DMV certified. Traffic school fees are inclusive of charges for mailing the Certificate of Completion to the court. Proof of completion of the course, before the court's deadline, ensures ticket reduction on driving records.


All motorists with a valid driver's license and those whose offense is an infraction pertaining to traffic regulations may take the course. However, motorists are ineligible to take the course if the violation carries more than one point or if they are in possession of a commercial driving license. In addition, the course cannot be completed if the violation is related to alcohol or drug abuse or if the violation is for speeding in excess of 25 miles over the speed limit. Traffic schools are a great way to reduce points on driving records. They're a more engaging traffic school to help drivers learn rules of the road and the consequences if these rules are broken.