If you are single, expect to pay more for your Seattle Auto Insurance premium than if you were a married couple. You age will come into account too. You will have a higher premium if you are 23 than if you were say 29. If you are considered high risk by your insurance provider you will be offered a higher premium. Young 25 year old males that have an unclean driving record will be given a higher premium. However young single women are considered to be less of a risk and will therefore be offered a little cheaper of a premium. There are things besides your age and sex that determine how your insurance premium is calculated. You should do research to find out the most about all the different factors that go into play. Your insurance premium will also be calculated on the area in which you live. If there is a lot of crime or traffic in your area then you will be at a higher risk for needing to file a claim and therefore will be offered a higher premium. Your driving record will also be taken into consideration. Speeding or drinking tickets will result in you having to pay higher auto insurance rates. Insurance providers can look at your driving record as far back as 10 years. The type and age of your vehicle will be taken into account. You will also be asked how many claims for accidents that you have filed. Your job and level of education will also affect your premium. Obviously there are a lot of items taken into consideration when an insurance provider calculates the insurance premium that you will be offered. The quickest way to find the right policy for you is to do some comparison shopping online.