When it comes to keeping your new set of wheels secure and safe, it is not something you just forget about. Your car security system needs to be reliable and may be a part of owning a car that you think is important. Choosing the right kind of car security is your first step. However, after you have selected the right type of security for you, installation will be next. Many people opt to do this on their own rather than paying big bucks for a professional to install it for you. It is possible to do as long as you are careful and have a reasonable idea of what it is that you are doing. It can make a huge difference to your wallet to make the decision to install your car security system yourself. It can be an incredibly large job though and it may be beneficial to have a friend assist you to make it go smoother and faster. You will want to read through the instructions first and make sure that you are comfortable doing all that is required. If you have zero knowledge in this area then you may want to seek out help so you do not overlook anything important. While you are installing your system, keep your instructions close by. First, you will need to mount the system's "brain." The brain should be secure and should not move or wiggle when the car itself is moving. After you do this, you are going to need to mount the system's sensors. Oftentimes, these components mount under the dash, because they are out of sight, and out of the way. If you wish to have a keyless entry system then you will have to tie in the system to your door and lock controls. This will definitely require instructions because not every car is the same. After you hook this up you will need to make sure that everything is working as it should. All it takes is a crossed wire to throw everything off. Test each feature as you go. The siren for your security system is usually mounted under the hood of your car. When doing this you need to make sure that it is not directly touching anything that will get very hot, like the engine itself. If you are not sure where to mount the siren, call a professional just to ask or consult the instructions. Make sure everything is secure and that it will not become too wet or hot in the way you have installed it. This is important if you want to keep your security system working properly. It is very tempting to not follow instructions and call the job "done," but you could end up with a system that does not work, so be careful. Every feature and component of the security system should be tested. If something does not work correctly, look it over. Call or visit the place of purchase if it still will not work. Installation of a car security system has to be done right or it will not be effective.