NASCAR racing fans are yearning for the next Dale Earnhardt Sr. But the Intimidator was a rare breed. One of a kind. When he died 8 years ago it was a tragedy for all of his family and fans. Many fans wish some driver could kick into gear and remind them of Dale Sr. Only a few drivers have been compared with Dale Earnhardt Sr., the seven-time Winston Cup champion. Oh yes, Of course NASCAR racing fans compare Dale Jr. with his father. That is simple. Name. Voice. Southern accent. However Dale Jr. is neither as aggressive nor as reckless as his father. Dale Jr. does not initiate trouble on the track unless his opponents harass him relentlessly. Kevin Harvick. After Earnhardt Sr. died, Kevin Harvick became the driver with Richard Childress Racing. The car had to be changed from "3" to "29" and they changed the colors of the famous number 3 car to mostly white. Kurt Busch. Consider Kurt Busch. In the early 2000's he was the least popular driver in the garage and in the stands. Though he has mellowed a bit, Kurt Busch is not a favorite of NASCAR racing fans. Aside from the realization that Kurt could never win over the fans like Earnhardt, Harvick, and Stewart, his younger brother Kyle often overshadows him. Think about Kurt Busch. He was probably the least popular driver in the garage and in the stands in the early 2000's. Even though he has mellowed a bit, he is not really in tune with the NASCAR racing fans. Aside from the reality that Kurt could never win over the fans like Earnhardt, Harvick, and Stewart, he is often overshadowed by Kyle Busch, his younger brother. Kyle Busch. Though Kyle Busch has some qualities that call to mind Earnhardt Sr., he is no Intimidator Busch really caught on fire with action in 2008. His aggressive driving and frequent wins and impetuous personality stirred some comparisons to the late Dale Earnhardt. Tony Stewart. Tony Stewart's temper and disregard for the media is really a bit too much. Sometimes he is more tactless than Earnhardt. Stewart is aggressive. Stewart never hesitates to take his complaints public. In addition, Tony Stewart is an entrepreneur. Tony Stewart runs his own race track in Eldora. Stewart owns several race teams in Sprint and the World of Outlaws. Recently Tony Stewart became owner-driver of Stewart Haas Racing, he captured a lot of attention and a raised a lot of skepticism and even a little hope. When you get to the end of the day and look over your list, not one of these drivers will ever be the grand Intimidator, Dale Earnhardt. Just one driver is starting to faintly remind me of Earnhardt and that is Tony Stewart. Tony Stewart stepped out of the mold as successful owner in the Sprint Cup Series with a team that was going nowhere when he took it on. Stewart has two championships already and is doing well this season. Watch him.