When locating automobile insurance, most consider this a waste of money. In most areas, you have to maintain the legal amount of insurance in order to operate the automobile on the highway. Having an automobile insured, shields any monetary responsibility when involved in a crash. Ultimately, automobile coverage is responsible for providing the funds that are needed to fix the automobiles, handle medical expenses if necessary, and any other expenses incurred from a wreck. Any person that is legal to drive a car, truck, or SUV, should carry some type of insurance. Locating a reputable insurance company that fits the budget is the hard part. The process follows. Avoid paying outrageous premiums. Sometimes insurance companies use your driving record to decipher how high your premium will be. Others simply ask questions about your driving history and don't check. Pay attention if you are using the telephone, to what the agent is telling you is available, and make sure it matches the policy you receive. Otherwise, you may get ripped off. If indeed you locate a provider that fits your budget and the amount of coverage is good. Check with the review section, to find out what others think of this provider. This may sway your decision. As any other insurance there are guidelines that increase chances of having a lower premium. A young driver is considered a high risk due to the lack of driving experience. A person that is a multiple offender of traffic violations will pay a higher premium. The things that will lower a premium is an anti-theft security system, or key less entry mechanism. Also the year the vehicle was manufactured can have an influence on the amount of a premium. The amount you paid or are currently paying will be tallied into the premium also. Fast cars are more expensive to insure. Also new cars add to the base premium. When gaining insurance, age is irreversible, as is the incidents appearing on a past driving report. This can hinder a new car purchase, because you will have a monthly car payment, and most likely a high premium. When a loan is acquired from a financial institution, typically there will be the need for the maximum coverage available. The financial institution will not risk loosing money, because of the lack of insurance if an accident were to occur. Some financial institutions will come to your home, and repossess the vehicle until the insurance premiums are paid. Make sure you tell your agent about all options that are equipped on your new vehicle. The safer a vehicle is the lower the premium.