More than anything the traffic tickets can be a major distraction in life. Nowadays, getting a ticket is like a trend. For every minor or major violation, you are handed a ticket. If you are charged with a minor offense, you have a better chance of getting a minimum sentence or if lucky getting your case dismissed. When you get a traffic ticket, paying the fine is not always the solution. You can fight them off. Though fighting the traffic can be a difficult process but there are simple steps that might help you out. With the right information and method, you can beat the traffic ticket in the court. The number one step is not to plead guilty. You are nailed if you do. Just try to settle for a smaller offense if you can first. Consult a lawyer about contesting the traffic ticket. They can help you through the process. They are the best when legal issues come. Check the ticket thoroughly. You might never know something out of the ordinary may happen. Like the officer missing one signature or the signature being too difficult to read. You might mention this to the court. Prepare yourself before the court dates reaches. Always take a review of the laws that are attached to the violation. It is best when you analyze and understand them. Recall everything what have happened on that day. If you can find witnesses then, request them to testify for you on the court. You can take a picture of the site if you want to prove something right. You can show evidence through the photographs. Some people have done the same thing. With strong evidence, you can always win the case. Take the officer’s note. You might not know this, but you still have certain rights. You can request for a copy of the ticketing officer’s note. A big advice to be taken, do not be too rude to the officers while he is issuing the ticket. Any offence from your side, it will be written down straight in the notes. So be careful. Fighting the ticket can be painstaking, but it is always a worth. However, if you think your chances are getting slimmer than the online traffic schools can be a much better choice. Complete the defensive driving course and dismiss the ticket. You win the case good enough, but if you are losing, the defensive driving school will bail you out.