Today, technology seems to make our lives better but we still have to remember that it can also take away our lives if we are not careful. According to studies, almost 75% of all teens in America own a cell phone and they are aware of the danger of texting while driving but they choose to do it regardless of the danger in it. Research found that 26% of all teens ranging from 16 to 17 years in America have texted and around 43% have talked on the cell while they drive. Around 48% of teens have witnessed others texting while driving which means they would consider it to be normal or accept the practice. State laws prohibit these activities but the laws are not enough to discourage these newly licensed drivers from using their cell phone. It’s not just for the teens; even adults are not far away. In 2006 only 35% of adult texted while they drive but in 2009 the use of texting while driving has doubled. Texting while driving can put your life in danger but if that is not what you worry then, at least you should consider the lives of others. Texting can distract you from your driving focus. So what do you suppose we can make teens realize the danger in a clear way? The most possible answer will be to let teen drivers join a defensive driving school in New Jersey. The New Jersey defensive driving courses will help teen drivers to understand the risks that are involved in texting while driving. Even though the desire may be strong for those young bloods but the NJ defensive driving courses may teach them how those desires can lead them into regrets later if anything should happen. It will be the best safety techniques for the teens if they could learn the defensive skills. The defensive driving courses will help the teens to learn to overcome mistakes in driving techniques; learn to make informed decisions, learn to improve their driving skills and to anticipate situations while driving. New Jersey defensive driving courses will also raise awareness of the great responsibility that we have while driving. Join a New Jersey defensive driving school and it will help you to combat and avoid all the distractions while driving. You can save your life and that of others. The defensive driving course in New Jersey will help you to change your driving attitude to a better approach.