In the United Kingdom many teenagers dream of owning a motor vehicle of some description whether it is a motorcycle or a automobile and as soon as they become 17 years old, the priority is to acquire some training. Learning to drive can be an extremely expensive affair, especially when it is a car you are learning in and when you have passed your test and obtained your first vehicle, the costs to insure it can be extremely high. There are some means however, that teenagers perhaps could lessen the price of their automobile insurance premiums by considering the following advice. Firstly, it is much better to use off road parking such as a garage or in a locked driveway and not on the main road. This could have a significant effect on your premiums as your insurance provider will deem your vehicle as being at less danger of damage from vandalism or accidents. Secondly, the kind of automobile chosen is essential if you want low insurance premiums. If you purchase a powerful vehicle, you will be paying a lot as you will be perceived as more liable to speed and potentially have an accident. Taking this into consideration it would be much better to go for a standard kind of car to get lower premiums. Another way to potentially decrease your insurance costs is to think about taking additional driving lessons such as a safe driving program, which tells the insurer that you are more credible to be a responsible driver. The main reason that insurance costs are considerably higher for younger drivers is due to the lack of driving familiarity they have and insurers consider them to be a great deal more expected to have an accident than a person who has been driving for a long time. If you adopt some of the above suggestion then you have a chance of substantially reducing the impact of the insurance costs.