Getting a car loan is something that needs some research as car loans may end up in a tragedy. The interest rates and car loan different plans the things always goes messy but if you really want to get the best car loan plan then you need to check all the options on the market and see what is the best one for you.

Home Equity Loan Plans

Have you considered making your home collateral for a car loan/ this is a good way to get a loan with less interest rate as your house will secure the car loans that you are taking. This may save you couple of thousands at the end of the loan period.

Dealer Car Loans

Most of the auto dealers across the country offer car loans for buyers but the interest rate is always higher than the bank offers, of course this is because it is easier to get a loan from dealer than from the bank. The dealer always offers two choices a zero interest car loan or rebate. You have to calculate it first before you accept the zero interest rate as you will find that the rebate would save you also a couple of thousands from what you were going to pay with that zero interest car loan.

Pre-Qualified Financing Car Loans

This is a very good idea for those planning to get a car loan. Getting an approval for a car loan from one lender or several lenders would make you in a stronger position when you negotiate a car loan with your car dealer. If you have approval for a loan before sitting with your sales agent then you have something in your hand so, if he want to close that sale then he should offer you a better interest rate. This is a good trick that you should learn to do. It will save you a lot.

Refinancing Car Loans

While you are in the middle of your car loan you may want to consider refinancing it. This would drop your interest rate with a reasonable amount and it won’t affect your monthly payment a lot.

Very Useful Tip To Enforce Your Credit Position

While you are planning to get a new car, most probably you will be thinking about a car loan as most of us need one to finance a new car. All of us have credit cards and most of us are paying the minimum every month and leaving our credit limit at its maximum level for long times, to put yourself in a good position before financing a new car loan, you need to cover at least 50% of your credit limit, this would put your credit in a strong position and secure less interest rates and better offers for you.