In case you have been caused a physical or mental injury in a car accident you will have to go to the court to get a settlement. For this you first need to prove that the cause of your injury was caused by the other person's negligence. So who ever you speak to after your accident should be able to testify on your behalf that it was the other persons fault. Get the names of and addresses of any observer. This can be the police officers who witness the accident. Now you will have to to seek a good attorney or firm that deals with accident cover claims. Bear in mind that insurance companies appoint corporate attorneys who deal with harm claims. Therefore they have experience and the insurance companies want to minimize the claims. Thus if you want a fair settlement you have to seek an attorney who has a status of handling insurance claims and is a reputed trail attorney. Give your attorney all the details of the accident and the names and addresses of all the spectators. The insurance company of the party that caused you harm in the car accident may call you. They may make an out of court settlement with you. It's greatest that you get them to chat with your attorney and you don't take the calls yourself. Insurance company attorneys are past masters at brow beating a claimant and trying to get a lowest amount settlement. Furthermore they will record the calls and any declaration you make they may try and utilize it against you. Therefore it's best to avoid talking to them. Let them talk to your attorney. The court will look for negligence on the part of the party who caused you injury. For this they need proof, and you will have to provide them the proof. This is where your lawyer has to prove without doubt that the other party's negligence caused the car accident and is liable to pay for your injuries and for any other losses that you have sustained because of the accident. If you have a watertight case the insurance company will try and make an out of court settlement. They don't want to bear the legal costs plus paying your claims. It's best to let your lawyer handle the negotiations and settlement with the insurance company. In case the case goes on trail your lawyer must be able to prove that the other party was at fault and should pay your claim. Everything that you have said and done after the accident will come on record. So its best to be very careful of any statements you make after an accident takes place. In addition have all your receipts with you. Your hospital invoice, doctor's invoice, pharmacy invoice and if you have lost any work time. Your legal representative will direct you of what to say and what all proof will be necessary in court. Getting a just decision for car accident harm necessitates that you have a good attorney to take up your case. Therefore finding the finest attorney who possesses accident claim experience is imperative.