If you are looking to buy a used great car, but unsure of some smart tips on buying a used car, then you should break it down to a few short steps. You will need to look at the purchasing process with your eyes wide open and be realistic about what certain things will cost you and how much you have to spend. Having a budget to work from will be beneficial as you won't want to overspend and get caught short further down the line, or even add more and more expense to your credit card bills. Having a limit before you step out will help you greatly. When you are looking at the price of a used car, you should not look at this as the sole decider when you are looking to buy a vehicle, as some very cheap cars are poor value for money and won't get you from one place to the other. You may end up having to have your new (used) car fixed and catch the bus to work and back - you bought the car to build your independence, not so that you could catch the bus whilst it costs you more money in the garage. Im sure, like many others, you will have a budget in mind when looking at buying such a vehicle. You will probably find yourself shopping around for a decent used car, and this may be on the internet, looking through a local trader magazine, or even visiting your local used car dealership. If you choose to buy from an independent individual, then you should be wary that you dont want to be buying a heap of junk that will later turn out to be worthless for the money that you laid out in the first place. Just as you would consider putting time in searching for your ideal car and model, you should put in the research to find a good dealership, or individual, who can sell you a car that is of good value and has reliability that you require. If you are wanting to get right out there and speak to a few dealerships and salespeople about the different types of used cars that they have and the number of deals that they will be able to offer you, then you should be cautious. You will be excited and without important information on your side you will be prone to dirty tactics that some salespeople will use against you. You will want to have an adequate amount of information about prices and types of car, as well as some common terms that are used in the marker, so that you will be able to have a good understanding of what is the best deal out there and what isnt. Choosing then to deal with only reputable dealerships and people that have been recommended from your friends, family and colleagues will be great if you are looking for a good deal that will be beneficial to you in the long run. You should always be aware though that these recommendations could be individual and that they should be 'taken with a pinch of salt' and that you will need to air on the side of caution when visiting these dealerships or individuals to get your used car. Also, if you have never heard of a dealer - i.e. they havent come up in your internet search, or they are not advertising, then you should be cautious to whether they are a reputable company and whether you should deal with them. If you have heard negative things about a seller, then you should be wary of keeping your distance from them too. After you have completed your research on the price of different used cars, as well as the different types of used cars that you would be interested in, then you will want to look at the different deals from the number of dealerships that you have selected in your list from recommendations. You should be careful not to be drawn in by sales people, as you don't want to leave the showroom with a car that was dirt cheap, but one that was not worth the effort as it breaks down a week or so later when you are on your way to work. Not a good impression for your boss, and not good for you. You should know what your price constraints are, but not let these dictate to you what the different choices that you have. You shouldn't feel any pressure or uncertainty in buying a good used car instead of a new car, as you should purchase a motor vehicle that is within your price range and not one that will result in you having a great car, but not being able to afford to run it. Thus completing the detailed research that you read about earlier will help you make sure that you are getting a great deal for the price that you are paying.