If you come about to have an accident while driving, there are a couple of possibilities. Either the accident was your blunder or the other driver's. In case of first, you would be sanctioned to getting settlement on a damage claim. However, if the accident was not your error, then besides an injury claim, you are also entitled to getting compensation on a car accident claim as well. As soon as the accident happens, it is very important that you straight away report to the police as well as your insurance company about the incidence. The way you give in proclamation concerning the accident makes a lot of difference and would determine how you are remunerated. When an accident takes place, you should also get yourself examined by a doctor as soon as possible to create a medical record. This would be very supportive in case you have to get a compensation for your injuries. The compensation that you get for making a claim after a car accident depends upon the nature of your claim and also on some other factors, an important one being the timing of reporting the accident. The indemnity claim that you make depends upon the nature of the accident and also the state and also on what your spot is, that is, whether you were the driver, ambler or traveller. If you have suffered injuries in the disaster and it was not your fault, then you would be compensated not only for your injuries but also for other expenses and losses. If the accident was not your blunder, then you would be compensated and would also be provided a reserve car along with fulfilling the expenses for the damages and losses done to your car. In order to make a claim and be compensated after a car accident, you should make sure that you carry out set of activities that would guarantee that you are compensated for whatever damages have been incurred to yourself, passengers or the motor vehicle. The first important thing is not to leave the scene when the accident happens. Your remaining at the sight is critical because you would have to note all the noteworthy details that would be valuable in getting the compensation. You should note down the contact details of the driver as well as the passengers involved along with their names. A complete description of the car should also be made, especially the registration number of the car and also the colour and make of the car. A description of all the damages done should also be made. The most important description that you make would be that of the circumstances in which the accident occurred. You should write as many details of the accident as possible in the order they took place. All these things are important because they would determine whether or not you should be compensated and also determine the nature of the level to which the compensation has to be made.