If you do not know what to look for inĀ auto insurance policiesĀ there is a good chance that you will never make a purchase. Obviously, this is a bad thing. You need auto insurance coverage to stay legal, and you should make sure you get it no matter what it takes. Once you know what to look for in auto insurance policies everything else will begin to fall into place. Here are the three most common details to consider: 1. Price. Ninety-nine percent of consumers are going to search for the auto insurance policy that is most affordable. Are you going to do the same? This is not the only thing you want to think about, but definitely a consideration. 2. Coverage. What are you getting for the money you spend? There are so many auto insurance policies available that you never know what you are being offered until you take a very close look. 3. Ease of purchase and customer service. How easy will it be for you to purchase an auto insurance policy? Do you know what type of service to expect from the company you are buying from? It can be easy to overlook this detail - do not let this happen to you. As you look closely at auto insurance policies you need to think about the price, coverage, and service. Is there anything else that is important to you? If so, add it to the list. In the end, you will be comparing auto insurance policies and close to making a final decision