At the age of sixteen the worlds of dating, working part-time and most of all driving open up to youth. Young guys and gals alike want the keys to the car, just itching to taste this new freedom!nnIt is not as "free" as it appears to be. Unfortunately, even if a teen is responsible and driving a safe vehicle, the premiums on their plan are going to be high. Most kids aren't going to take no for an answer when you refuse to let them drive because it is so expensive to insure them. nnTeenagers have higher insurance rates because overall they make more claims and cost more to insurers than most people of other ages. Group of individuals in the same way the insurance works, pay the rest in the company, operating expenses, and can spread the risk and charging a bit on the price of the equity interests of owners and their companies and. nnOut from the insurance, how often, and how much and each group is charged according to figures evaluating how likely any one member of the group is to need pay. This segment of math and science is grouped under the subject of "statistics."nnIf that is what put the buyer on actuarial precision. More than 10 other drivers have accident statistics of drivers in their teens. A lot more : Not just a bit more. A 16-year-old driver is three times as likely to die in a car crash than any other driver, and that death rate improves very slowly over the next few years. nnTeenage drivers are responsible for the majority of car accidents and resulting payouts. Most wrecks that involve 15 - 17 year old new drivers can cost up to 34 billion dollars. Affirmative, a billion. To pay for that big, bad $34 billion and it should not surprise you that the insurance companies demand enough extra money.nnAnd then your children claim that they will be carefully, since they are top-drivers, having followed the driving lessons step by step and trained for the case of an accident.nnSpecial ed for emergencies, the statistics improve and the good news is that, first, if you child has taken driver's ed lessons. They get even better when your teenager waits a year or more before beginning to drive. Certain safety features may save you money since many insurance companies take these factors into account when calculating insurance costs. To a properly educated young driver with extra training and a bit of extra age and it is not impossible to find a responsible company that will grant a lower rate. nnResearch is the key to finding the best coverage for your child at the most economical price. Decide on a plan that works for you, call an agent and beginning getting estimates. In the beginning is to go online and search for quotes on driver's insurance for teens and quotes can be gotten in a number of ways, but one of the quickest. nnThen take a good, careful look at your homework and at your child and when you have done your homework, evaluated the plans. Those eyes are to you, and how precious that child and do not be swayed by the big, pleading eyes... think instead how precious. nnOnce the child has demonstrated that they can drive responsibly then get them the insurance coverage they need, let them get behind the wheel and hope for the best.