Diesel vehicles are economical and reliable - until winter arrives. Thousands of motorists are likely to be left stranded as engine glow plugs fail this winter – it’s a problem that can be avoided. The car makers sold 6,3035,018 diesel vehicles between the years of 1998 – 2007. Sales of diesels have grown year-on- year fuelled by economy and reliability. There is one part of a diesel vehicle that is likely to fail – especially in winter. Diesel glow plugs - also known as heater plugs. The symptoms are that the engine turns over, but fails to start. Glow plugs warm the cylinders before trying to start the engine . Motorists who don’t change them once the symptoms start will suffer poor fuel economy, risk of killing their battery by continually trying to start the vehicle and eventually will be left stranded. Calling out the breakdown and having a set of Glow Plugs replaced will cost between around £100 and £400, depending on the make of vehicle. Mail order specialists, Car Parts Direct say replacing glow plugs takes about 30 minutes by most Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. Car Parts Direct has produced a short online video guide to show motorists how to both test and replace their own diesel Glow plugs. They also provide a full range of long life glow plugs to suit virtually every diesel vehicle on the road at prices from around £6 per Glow Plug.  Diesel engines have one glow plug for each cylinder and it’s recommended to replace them as a set.