If you wish to rent a vehicle or simply drive abroad, it may be useful to obtain an international driving licence in advance, visit https://www.drivy.co.uk for more about renting a car. The driving licence is indeed necessary in some cases, depending on the country you plan to visit. Here is some essential information to know about the international driving licence and its usefulness in obtaining it.

Do you need an international driving licence to drive in Europe?

No, an international driving licence is not required to use a vehicle in Europe. With a French driving licence, you can easily rent a car and drive it in all the countries of the European Union (28 states), but also in the four EFTA countries (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland). In total, you will be able to drive in 32 European countries without needing any document other than your French driving licence.

Do you need an international driving licence to drive abroad?

For all countries outside Europe, it is strongly recommended to have an international driving licence in order to be able to legally rent and drive a vehicle. For more details, it may be useful to consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This one lists a certain amount of practical information concerning the foreign countries likely to be visited by French nationals: depending on the country chosen, you will be able to know which documents are or are not mandatory. However, one thing is clear: the international driving licence is recognised only abroad, it has no legal value on French territory.

What are the formalities for obtaining an international driving licence for a French citizen?

The international permit is simple to obtain, in addition to being completely free of charge. A request must be made well before your departure abroad, by visiting your prefecture, sub-prefecture or the driving licence office of the Paris police prefecture. Depending on the case, town halls may also be able to carry out this process. Among the documents requested are a photocopy of your French driving licence, two passport photos, your passport, a proof of residence and the completed Cerfa form n°14881*01. Depending on the region, the document, valid for three years, will be issued to you after one or two months.