Summer is approaching and who else would least expects a visit from friends, family and so on. We know how stressful it is to organize a pleasant visit in which we want to show that we know beyond the limits of the city centre and our neighbourhood. For that reason taking advantage of such occasion we suggest you (for those who have driving license) that you lose the fear and rent a car a couple of days and enter for not so tourist routes. Visit for more about car hire near me. Driving on the left is a more psychological hurdle than anything else, because if we have a European or an international driving license we are qualified to drive in the United Kingdom, and rental companies, by that route, will not hinder you.

There are certain considerations that you have to take into account

In reality, having a different system to ours is simply the opposite, but it is not a bad thing to remember. The first, obvious, is that you drive on the left, which leaves the overtaking on the right. We have to be very careful when we change direction at crossroads, streets or when we access a roundabout. The best method is to think "from the left, from the left, from the left...", since we do not have the automatisms. If you can, it would be convenient to rent a car with automatic gearbox. The reason, we are used to change with the right hand and in United Kingdom it is changed with the left (although the drawing in H of the gears is equal, the first is towards the left and up, the second, towards the left and down...). It seems silly, but after 5 minutes, when we start to feel comfortable, we are going to change gear and we are going to hit the door with the right hand, then we remember that the gears are on the left, we get nervous; we accompany the movement of the hand with the body.... In short, if we can avoid it, so much the better. The official British metric system is the imperial one, which implies that the signalling is in miles and not in km. Don't worry, in the car there is also the imperial system, but, yes, if they are both, look at the right one. And as a general rule, 30 m/h is inside a village (equivalent to our 50 km/h), two-way roads 60 m/h (equivalent to our 100 km/h), and highways and highways 70 m/h (equivalent to our 120 km/h).

This is the basics, the rest is practical

A piece of advice when it comes to renting; If you can run away from the rental offices near bus, train or airport stations because, although they can offer a better time to pick up and drop off vehicles, the price is usually higher. Look for offices in residential neighbourhoods, far from the most touristic, which the price tends to improve. Also look for local companies or small franchises; in general the price is also better. And of course, the earlier, the cheaper One last thing to lower the price is that you can take out insurance separately. When we rent a car is mandatory to take out insurance, as when we own a car only that covers only the necessary days. You have two options, either take it out with the insurance company set by the car hire company or take it out on your own. It goes without saying that the second, although more uncomfortable, usually saves a few pounds.