For its size, price and performance, the Mini Cooper Clubman is in a class of its own. It is small but powerful, compact but stylish and it costs less but performs just like or even better than bigger cars. With every Mini Cooper Clubman comes a promise of performance and quality Cooper cars have been known for since the early days. Bigger, Stronger, Better? Sure, the Clubman is a great choice for those who may have thought the other Mini models were a bit too small for comfort. With the Mini Cooper Clubman, you'll enjoy more legroom, larger cargo space and a delightful barn style rear door. The Clubman can power-up to just over 200 km/h and can ramp from zero to 60 km/h in just over 7 seconds. You won't have to break the bank filling it up either! The Mini Cooper Clubman houses a 13.2 gallon fuel tank. Apart from the machine, the thing that makes Mini Cooper Clubman worthy of being a Cooper would be the handling. If other cars its size does a sharp, hi-speed turn on a corner, you'd expect it to tip to one side and roll over. Clubman is designed to cut corners with its wide wheelbase, high-quality performance suspension, balanced shaft, and integrated sensor-torque-brake-throttle system. This makes driving safer and a lot more fun especially when you make the usually fatal choice of stepping on the throttle while turning. If you're the type that prides yourself on having something unique, the Mini Cooper Clubman is the car for you. How about over 10 million possible combinations with your selection of over 40 colors schemes and options on the wheels, dashboard, lights, seating, mirrors and more. This is a car that will represent you well. You can also customize some of the inner workings - including transmission options, sensors, gadgets and more. Any way you customize it, you're still going to get looks - it's a Clubman! It may not seem apparent at first, but driving a Mini Cooper is driving not only in style but also in comfort. The driver's seat allows a full-grown man to sit in comfort with ergonomic seating and driving position that stress comfort and correct driving posture. Clubman is also 3.15 in. longer at the wheelbase than the conventional minis, providing more leg room in the passenger seats and more cargo room at the back. You're going to be blown away by the Mini Cooper Clubman. The power and design will impress you just as much as the efficiency and price tag. The well-love Mini of the past has driven into a market which needs the likes of it today. Do yourself a favor and test drive a Clubman today!