Many people in need of help with buying a new or used car in Montreal look online for data from specs to loans. But in order to truly discover the very best deals no matter whether a person is searching for new or used cars, you will want to visit many different Internet sites and do a lot of research. There is so much information easily accessible involving everything from asking price to rebate information, that this job can seem daunting. Particularly because a good deal of the information and the help about buying a car will differ from one site to another. Therefore, the ideal approach is to contact a car manufacturer or Montreal car dealer directly to resolve any concerns. Your homework will inevitably be worth while by letting you avoid some of the pit falls of buying a car and turn you into a much more savvy buyer. So take as much time as you need and educate yourself thoroughly. To assist you in your attempt to find helpful Montreal car buying tips, here is a quick list that will make it more likely that you will get the best bargain for your money.

11 Car Buying Tips

1. Before you even begin shopping around for a car, you should have already determined what your budget is and what your Montreal bank's interest rate is on new and used cars. And if at all possible get pre-approved as this will enhance your ability to negotiate your best deal quickly. 2. As we stated earlier, your next step is to check out new and used car prices online, from the library, bookstore or other Montreal dealerships. Otherwise, insist on seeing the dealer's invoice. Remember, when looking for a new vehicle, the dealer can still make money selling his new cars even at his invoice price. 3. Avoid spending your money trying to improve your old car in order to try to get the best price on your trade-in. Rather than fix up your car replace new tires, radios, trailer hitches and other accessories with other people for money that will minimize the loss you take on the trade in. 4. Now, once you begin shopping at Montreal dealerships don't go by yourself. Take a friend or family member with you. Numbers will give you an advantage over the salesman. 5. Only buy used cars from lots connected to a new car dealership. They only retain the best trade-ins to sell themselves and move the rest to other used car lots. 6. This next car buying tip is ignored by many a buyer. Don't get too attached to a car before you buy. This makes it much harder for you to negotiate in your best interest and you might also find out that you actually can't afford it later on. 7. Never, ever purchase a used car before getting it completely inspected by your own mechanic before hand. 8. If you have a trade in as part of the bargain be sure to get back your car keys before you start negotiating your deal. This will put you in control of how long the negotiations last and allow you to leave whenever you want to rather than have to wait until the salesman gives you back your keys. 9. Spend the time you need and shop around. Don't fall for any line that you need to hurry with your decision. 10. For the best deal, negotiate your purchase during the last two days of the month and the last two hours of the working day for the dealership. This is always rush time for Montreal dealers and can work in your favour as they want to close sales so they can get them on the books before the end of the month. 11. Here's the last but not least of our car buying tips. When checking out mileage and the age of the vehicle remember, the average yearly mileage on most used cars is 15,000 miles. Once they pass that 100,000 mile mark they can be a risky purchase.