Most people don't realise just how long they spend in their car. Most Melbourne workers spend up to 20 hours a week in their metal transport machine, which highlights the importance of having a good  clean fresh car. There are a number of benefits to getting your car washed regularly by a professional and these  car detailing melbourne style reasons should get  you motivated for a detail or full wash real soon. The first and foremost benefit of getting your car detailed is to feel good. Washing your car is a  lot like cleaning your teeth or taking a shower - it makes you feel better afterwards. Since most  people spend hours a day in their car, it is better for your health and psyche to be driving around in a vehicle that is clean and fresh. Having a professional car detailing service done in Melbourne is also time saving. The average time  to it takes to get your vehicle completed cleaned, vaccummed and waxed is under 20 minutes. Washing  your car at home by yourself might take up to an hour, and the job will not be as thorough as if a professional had done it. Getting your car detailed also protects your investment. Cars are most people's second most expensive asset, and having a good finish will increase the resale or trade-in value. A professional detail and wax will also protect the car better against acid rain, heat damage and other substances that could otherwise damage the exterior of the car, and make it less valuable. Some Melbourne people believe car detailing is wasteful as its benefits are only temporary. This could not be further from the truth. While it is correct that freshly shampooed carpets will get dirtied soon again, and cup holders and windows will again get covered in grime, there are other features of the car that, without regular detailing, severely damage the car. Car paint can fade and lose its colour within a number of years, and even start to peel away. Regular waxing prevents these conditions, as it offers UV protection and stops the fading of paint pigments. Car detailing melbourne style also assists in stain removal. Food, coffee, soft drink, grease, paint and glue can all stain the interior surfaces of your car. If left for long periods of time, these can damage the upholstery, cause smells, and be permanently engrained into the car. Professional detailers use chemicals and machinery which can remove most stains, and ensure your car looks its best. So it's clear that mobile car detailing professionals are a very good investment, and ensure the ongoing life of your vehicle, both inside and out.