What's missing? You have taken your Ranger RZR and you have basically torn it apart and added as much horsepower that you can afford. Maybe you have ported, polished or even taken the engine .30 over. You have added an improved electronics package while going high tech with every added component that you could find. You topped it off with fuel injection capable of feeding your new beats appetite, Your machine looks good and you have a build sheet that would impress a Baja pro racer but when you fire that monster up you get less than desirable horsepower output on the dyno or on the track and in worse case you get miss firing and unstable performance. What'ss missing? Polaris exhaust Well, when the fuel injection was installed was the monster given a bigger throat to breathe with? More horsepower means you'll need more fuel and finally; one of the most commonly overlooked necessities of properly working horsepower is the ability to breathe. No one forgets the slap on the K&N; filter kit but in most cases the beast is not given adequate exhaust. Not only are exhaust gases poisonous to us, they are poisonous to your Ranger too. If the higher levels of spent fuel are not removed from the engine it will rob your motor of horsepower that you have spent a lot of money building. A lot of people look at an exhaust as cosmetic or to enhance the throaty sound that is desirable in larger displacement engines. These attributes have their merit but the fundamental necessity for an exhaust is to clear out the unnecessary gas from your engine and to create backpressure. Just going to the local store to build an exhaust is costly, time consuming and generally unproductive time spent. Every application is different and unless you are going to a specialty store for your parts the chances of you getting an exhaust set up for your Ranger is unlikely. Having an exhaust custom built is better but it is the most expensive method since they are generally custom fabricated to fit your application. It also means longer downtime as it takes longer to get these exhausts manufactured. You are also stuck with local shops unless you are good at tracing your needs or you can afford to ship your Ranger to your fabricator. When it comes to cost, ease and having a correct fitting exhaust going to the experts atĀ PolarisĀ for their custom fit exhausts will prove to be the best solution for a person trying to get the most horsepower out of their upgrades. The Polaris Ranger exhaust boasts a 15% horsepower gain at the engine and has been race tested in Baja to ensure maximum performance. You owe it to your beast to give it a louder voice and a better throat to breathe!