Paintless dent repair (PDR) technicians all over the world are increasingly relying on a new type of repair process to fix the dings and dents on your car. They are using something called the dent puller, or glue pulling. Here is the kicker. The glue puller or dent puller techniques they use to repair your car are SIMPLE to learn. Learning PDR is not easy, but learning to glue pull is. Here are the steps involved: Step 1: Inventory your kit: Glue and glue gun.(Plug in glue gun now.) Dent puller. (aka: PDR slide hammer) Knock down. Glue tabs. Solvent. Soft rags. Step 2: Identify the damage. Step 3: Wipe damaged area with soft rag and solvent. Step 4: Find tab that just fits inside the damaged area.