The poly tarp is a durable and well constructed tarp that is made to stand up to the hottest rays of sun and the wettest winter days. If you finally got that Corvette you have saved for, you need to cover it with a durable poly tarp. Made with the best materials, silver poly tarps are waterproof, mildew proof, and they can survive a few feet of snow on them! The paint job on that Corvette would sure cost a bit if damaged from an ice storm or if it was faded from the summer sun. Think of the money you will save by investing in a quality tarp! Tarpaulins are made with 18 inch spacing of grommets instead of 36 inches. They have a 40 micron UV coating that makes their protection lasting and durable. Silver poly tarps are not only resistant to mildew and water but to tears and the boiling sun! Some acids won't even damage a durable poly tarp! Silver is highly reflective color and poly tarps are coated on both sides for better protection against the strongest of UV rays. The reflective poly tarp is woven from durable polyethylene material and is woven with 14 strands both horizontally and vertically per square inch for a closer and tighter weave. The bottom side of a silver poly tarp is also coated with extra UVI coating. No light will pass through this tarp! The corners of a tarpaulin are reinforced with plastic that is molded and the seams are either double stitched or heat sealed for extra durability the grommets are rust resistant so don't worry about drops of wet rust falling onto the paint job of that corvette you are covering up with a heavy duty poly tarp. Tying the tarp down will be a cinch. With the reinforced grommets, you can pull a good, close fit with a silver poly tarp over whatever you are trying to keep protected and not have to worry about tearing. Most Heavy duty poly tarps weigh 6.0 oz. per square yard and have a tensile strength of 1200 Denier. Some silver poly tarps have a tensile strength of 1600 denier. They can be as thick as 12 mls. A mil measures diameter in things like thread and wiring. Denier measures the density of fibers. The silver poly tarp is woven tightly for the durability needed in harsh weather and can be compared to other tarps that are different colors and weigh a lot less. Keep in mind, the higher the denier count, the stronger the tensile strength. The stronger the tarp, the better coverage you will get. Silver is the most highly reflective of all the colors. Poly tarps made in a silver color are also coated on both sides with UVI coating and has inner material of black mesh that blocks out virtually all light! If you want that corvette to stay in tip top shape, keep it protected from the elements with a quality silver tarp!