Van maintenance – How to change a tyre on a van

You’re driving along in your van happily going about your business, when all of a sudden, something doesn’t feel right. You get out to discover you’ve got a flat tyre. Don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world. But…

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The off road world and the economy struggles

While the world continuously feels the impact of the weakening automotive industry in new ways it’s easy to see that the impact of such losses will have numerous impacts on business sectors outside of the automotive industry. With billions being…

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8 Step guide to jump starting your car

A flat battery needn’t ruin your journey – follow this guide to get back on the road. We’ve all been there: racing out the front door, already late for work. One turn of the car key confirms our worst fears…

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Car detailing Melbourne style

Most people don’t realise just how long they spend in their car. Most Melbourne workers spend up to 20 hours a week in their metal transport machine, which highlights the importance of having a good  clean fresh car. There are…

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How to use a silver poly tarp

The poly tarp is a durable and well constructed tarp that is made to stand up to the hottest rays of sun and the wettest winter days. If you finally got that Corvette you have saved for, you need to…

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