If you have never shopped for car insurance before, this can be a big hassle. This article will give you the right methods so you can get the best insurance for your money and hopefully with a lot more benefits. Call several different auto insurance companies and ask for a quote. You can find their information online or from a phone book. Make sure you know what kind of insurance you need before you call, or you won't be able to get the best quote. You can also get instant car insurance quotes by submitting your data online. After processing your information, these companies will send you your insurance quotes to your registered e-mail address. Some will even mail the quotes to you, if you choose. Once you know what kind of plan you need, the auto insurance companies will send you their best-fitting (and hopefully cheapest) quote. Compare the quotes you receive from the various competing companies and decide which one fits your needs best. Call these companies back and ask if they can do any better. Pretend you're still shopping around for quotes. Ask for age discounts, membership discounts, even club or safe driving record discounts. There's a lot of discounts out there - make sure you get them all! Keep in mind how much you have to spend each month on insurance when you negotiate with the companies. You should have a couple quotes by now, so start thinking about which ones you would like to choose in the end. After choosing you best quote never let the company know that you have taken your decision. Make them feel that you are looking around as this will further push them to give you more benefits by either lowering down the rate or coming up with a better policy plan which gets further convenient for you. Make sure you can get all the discounts possible before you finalize your decision. Be patient - this might take awhile, and you can lose valuable opportunities if you rush. Following these steps can get you the best bang for your buck in car insurance!