It has become increasingly important as a commercial truck driver to have good trucking insurance. Insurance must be had to be legal on United States' highways, and gives the truck driver the additional benefits of medical and financial security. Therefore it is critical for a truck driver to know what options are available when purchasing trucking insurance. There are many different commercial companies offering trucking insurance to fleet owners and drivers. Providers can offer solely commercial trucking insurance, a variety of types of insurance, or even be contracted with the fleet owner. These options allow drivers the opportunity to see which is going to be the best for them. Specialization in meeting employer and legal requirements would be highest when going to a provider that offers only commercial trucking insurance. Because of how these providers are able to cater to the drivers needs, some feel this is the most beneficial scenario. Commercial truck insurance providers are all given ratings that can be compared when choosing between different companies. A nationwide multi-vehicle insurer is another option that a driver has to insure themselves and their rigs. Since these providers are not specialized in trucking insurance, the drivers run the risk that they will not be as helpful as a commercial truck insurance provider. However, these types of insurance companies will have a long history and strong name. Health insurance, worker's compensation, and general liability insurance coverage can also be offered to the driver through their employer. While this coverage is not enough to meet legal requirements, it does offer the driver many benefits. Legal and employer requirements should be verified before purchasing insurance through a provider. There are many choices for truckers when selecting trucking insurance. It is important to determine what type of insurance is required by their employer and also what type of coverage they need themselves. Before choosing what type of trucking insurance to purchase, drivers should consider how much help they will need with the mechanics of the insurance. Thorough research is indispensable when comparing the options available in trucking insurance policies. An insurance broker would be an asset to a driver trying to determine which provider to purchase a policy from. Because brokers work with many different companies they would have information readily available to aid in the process.