When it comes to cool cars, many people think that to buy a cool car you need to folk out mega bucks but this just simply isn't the case anymore. There's a lot of fun to be had in new cars nowadays. Of course you are not going to get a Porsche that's 5 years or newer for under $18,000. But there are some cars you can buy this year that are not only fun but are cheap. Here are our top 10 choices of cool cars under $18,000 1. Nissan Cube - $13,990. 2. Mazda3 - $15,345. 3. Ford Fiesta - $13,320. 4. Honda Civic - $15,455. 5. Honda Fit - $14,900. 6. Hyundai Elantra Touring - $15,995. 7. Kia Soul - $13,300. 8. Mitsubishi Lancer - $14,790. 9. Scion xB - $15,850. 10. Suzuki SX4 Crossover - $15,849. These new cars under $18,000 do not contain any cool sports cars naturally as they are well over this $18,000 threshold. But nether the less, this list does contain cars that offer lots of fun that many people would not expect at these cheap car prices. At first position we have chosen the Nissan Cube. For the price, you'd be hard pressed to find a more distinctly designed car than the Nissan Cube. Its ‘squares meets circles' hyper-modern aesthetic combines with a roomy, flexible interior and modest price tag making the Cube a cool yet practical choice for fashion-conscious car buyers. At close second, we have the Mazda3 which is still a very cool car and the best of the 'nonboxy' bunch in the affordability class. Value and economy are reasons to buy a Mazda3, but there are even better reasons to do so. What makes the Mazda3 so cool is that its pragmatic nature is accompanied by standout styling and legitimately sporting driving dynamics. The Mazda3 is fun to drive, fun to look at and accessibly priced. In our book, that's a hat trick of cool! In close third we have the 2011 Ford Fiesta which is probably the best domestic subcompact of all time. Still as fun and cheap to run as ever! So if you can afford a new car in the under $18,000 class, then there are some really cool cars to choose from. Have a look online for deals and find the one that best suits your tastes and budget, and park that old Pinto for good...or give it back to your Granddad — he still thinks it's a classic!