If you are reading about car buying tips, you must be one of the lucky ones who still has some money to spend. The good news is that, with the economy in its current state, you will never have a better opportunity to get a great deal on a car. Whatever the saving, a car is still a major purchase and you want to make the right decision. It has to suit your needs and offer great value. Don't rush into a decision that you might regret. This is a time when dealers are feeling the pressure to sell cars, but also to squeeze the last ounce of profit out of a deal. You have an opportunity, but watch out for the pitfalls.

Easiest Car Buying Tips

1. If you want the latest models, the time to shop is between August and November when they are released. There will still be few buyers around and good deals to be had. 2. Arm yourself against the dealers persuasion techniques. You don't have to put up with pressure. You can always walk out. As a potential buyer, you will be welcome elsewhere. 3. Hold out for a better deal. The prices may have been cut, but is what's on show their best offer? They may have something in reserve to clinch the deal. 4. Can you get a better deal on the internet? Online dealers have been able to offer better deals by cutting their overheads. That still applies. 5. There is always room for negotiation. If they can't lower the price any more, what can they throw in to sweeten the pot? 6. Most potential buyers will be weekend shoppers. If you can go in the week, you will get better attention. And it's hard for them to negotiate tough when you are the only person on the lot. 7. Near to the end of the month, car dealers are trying to hit their sales quotas. They need you to buy now, not next week, so ask them to make it worth your while. 8. You want to come across as confident in the negotiations. If you don't know too much about cars, try to have someone with you who does. For buying used, a mechanic is good. At the very least, someone with experience of dealer tactics. 9. Time is on your side. It's your money you are spending. If you are not sure, leave it. The great deals won't disappear, despite what the salesman will tell you. 10. Have fun! It's always great shopping for a new car. Sit in a few and smell that new car smell. Take em for a test drive. Enjoy the process. And making the dealer sweat:-) Use these new car buying tips to grab yourself some real value.