To be slapped with speeding ticket is not a pleasant thing to experience. But, in Texas, speeding tickets are the most issued moving violations and about 115,000 speeding tickets are written in US every single day. It’s not that speeding tickets are only issued to those people who drive carelessly but it can issue to anyone. May be, the driver is late or not aware of the speeding limit in that area. Though speeding is a minor traffic violation, but the fine that you might get is not a laughing matter. However, you don’t have to pay fine for your speeding ticket. There are ways to dismiss the ticket and avoid spending hundreds of dollars in fines or damage points to your driving record. But the most convenient and fun way to dismiss a traffic ticket is by joining a Texas defensive driving class online. Joining a defensive driving Texas class will help you to dismiss your speeding ticket in an enjoyable way. You don’t have to go to any traditional classroom class or hear any boring lectures. With the online defensive driving Texas class, you will have a great learning experience with state-of-the-art multimedia experience and complete it at your own pace. Once you complete the defensive driving online Texas class, you will get a certificate of completion and you can use that to dismiss your ticket. Sounds amazing, right? Plenty of Texan drivers have now recognized the benefits of online defensive driving Texas class for dismissing their speeding ticket. Most defensive driving TX online schools use video and animation to offer an easily controlled, user-friendly defensive driving class. You can enjoy the whole class and there won’t be a moment to complain. You can also browse the previous units and take the online exam at your own pace. The TX defensive driving online classes also offer a lot of benefits to its participants. Not only you will be able to dismiss your traffic ticket, but points will also be reduced from your driving record. Moreover, your insurance rates will also be reduced. You can also improve your driving awareness and handle dangerous situation on the road. However one thing you need to remember is that, there are many TX defensive driving online schools available, but you must see whether they are approved by Texas Education Agency for ticket dismissal. The court will only recognize the defensive driving TX certificate if it is from a certified TX defensive driving online school.