If you undergo with an injury occurred in an accident, then you would be compensated for you wounds along with any other reimbursements and losses that may have happened. This would be compensation for the soreness and agony that has been caused to you and also the therapeutic or any other expenses you had to pay concerning your injuries. In order to make a claim for your injuries in an accident, you would be considered for compensation only if you were able to present enough evidence of your injury caused due to the accident. For this, it is important that you go to a medical consultant as soon as the accident occurs and get yourself examined for injuries. In this way you would have the medial record of you injury and its extent. In addition to that, after the accident, someone should note down all the details regarding the accident, the parties involved, and the extent of the damage and also that of the injuries. Other than that, it is also recommendable to contact an accident lawyer who can help you in fulfilling the processes for making the claim. While making a claim for injuries or any other thing, the timing is very important. It is always good to make the claim as soon as you are able to do so. The more time you take in filing your claim, the more it would go against you and would affect your compensation. So, you should notify the insurance company right after the accident. Another thing to be remembered is not to give any details instantly and especially if you're not sure of some detail. After the accident, the first chance you get, you should file your claim. The police should also be notified about the accident right after it occurs because there would be a police record and that would be in your favour when you make a claim. Informing the company about the accident just after the accident is excellent because at that time you keep in mind all the details clearly and there is also the fact that you would be able to come to know whether or not you can submit a claim, and if you can, then the sooner it is made, the better. There is a restraint period for making a claim for injuries. You have to make the claim in that period if you want to be remunerated. But as mentioned earlier, the sooner you make the claim, the better it would be. While making a claim for injury, you would not be charged any payment for the lawful opinion or otherwise. The person accountable for your injuries would cover the fees. The amount of compensation that you would get for your injury depends upon how severe the wound was and also on the financial losses that you had to undergo. While choosing a solicitor for the claim, you should keep in mind to choose one who is experienced in his field and is trustworthy.