Today, collecting diecast models is more popular than ever before. Diecast cars are a fantastic way for automobile enthusiasts to collect and own versions of their favorite cars. Diecast car is pretty much any miniature automobile replica that is made of diecast metal called zamak, a special aluminium and zinc alloy. They are generally made with great attention to details that replicate a real model. The early diecast models, up to about 20 years ago, were made mostly as toys with quite basic design and much less details that we see today. They usually only featured a painted body. Automotive replicas have been the most popular die-casts from the beginning. But there are many other interesting categories like aircrafts, ships, trucks, military vehicles, construction equipment, and so on. Most collectors usually focus only on one or two of their favorite categories. Diecasts come in an incredible variety of styles and sizes. One of the most important term to understand is scale assigned to each model. Typical scales are 1:18, 1:24, 1:32, 1:43, 1:48 and 1:64. 1/18 scale (9-12" in length) is the largest and offers the best details, but is also the most expensive. Prices of diecast models are usually linked to the size and finishing details. As most things go, bigger size means bigger price tag. Features like doors, trunks and hoods that open, a detailed engine compartment, steerable wheels all account for higher price. Collecting diecasts is today one of the most popular hobbies. Young and old marvel at the miniature replicas of cars they once owned or wanted to own. This is a passionate hobby, but be warned, it can be quite expensive and addictive.