With 10 years experience in diesel engine tuning, Edge Products provides you with one of the easiest solutions to your performance needs with the Edge EZ module. From installation to in-cab adjustability, Edge Products has made this product exactly what it says: "EZ" to use. With the modules three settings, you can select from 25-65 HP using the 3-position switch that can easily be mounted in the cab. The under hood installation is extremely simple with only 2 connections to make. Both connections are made by "piggy-backing" the EZ module to the factory connections. What this means is simply that you unplug the factory connections and place the Edge EZ connectors between those plugs, it's literally that easy. This is done for the rail pressure sensor and the MAP sensor, and don't worry about any cutting, splicing, or even accidently plugging the module in wrong because Edge uses all factory style/OEM connectors and it is impossible to hook up wrong. The last thing is to use the supplied velcro and mount the EZ module to the top of your fuse box under the hood, and that's it. The Edge EZ module achieves HP and torque gains by monitoring and adjusting the engine's fuel rail pressure. Because it is a "pressure box", this makes the EZ a perfect unit for "stacking" with a downloader program or another box that adjusts fuel timing and duration, such as the Edge Juice with Attitude. As for performance and mileage gains, these are going to be based on individual driving style and other modifications that have been made to the truck already. But realistically, users should notice things such as better throttle response, better turbo spool-up, decreased automatic transmission downshift under load, and a 1-2 MPG increase with the use of the Edge EZ module.