Car dealerships are a source of some discussion among many people. Some people feel extremely comfortable going to the dealership, because of the fact that they know the people that they are working there, and due to the fact that the people are comfortable knowing that the mechanics they work at the dealership have been trained from the factory. But are they a good place to buy car parts? Or is buying car parts online the new best way to make your money go further? It depends on what exactly they are looking for and whether they are willing to accept the negatives that could come with going business with the dealership. Car dealerships certainly are a good place to look when wanting and needing to get car parts. First of all, you are dealing with people that know their parts, their brands, and have connections to be able to get parts when a consumer needs them. In addition, they usually have the parts that people need on hand, and can give them to consumers the parts in quick order, sometimes even having them delivered to the consumer. What could possibly be the bad thing to getting the parts from a dealership? One of the main things is the price. Dealerships generally will try to make their parts up as much as possible, because they need to make money and because of the fact that in some areas there is not a lot of competition from other dealerships in the area. In addition, car dealerships often will attempt to try to get you to buy a car or try to get you into the service department. This is why locatingĀ car partsĀ online is rapidly becoming the best way to obtain the parts you need at the right price. Dealerships definitely can be a good thing though, if you can handle them correctly. In addition, if you live in a more urban area where there is more dealerships near by, you can compare the two dealerships and attempt to get the lowest possible prices on the part that you need. Competition in any industry can make a major difference for both sellers and buyers. It is important for people to do their homework before doing any business with the dealership, but if a person does do their homework and is prepared, they are likely to be satisfied with their shopping experience.